Cancer Survivorship Training is privileged to work with many outstanding partners and advisors.  The following will profile some of our key strategic partners:


University of Kansas Medical Center - Area Health Education Center
KUMC Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) were founded in 1978, through the combined efforts of the Governor, the State Legislature and the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC), as the primary educational outreach effort of KUMC and the principal means of decentralizing medical and other health professions education throughout the state.  AHEC’s primary mission is to improve the distribution, supply and quality of healthcare professionals. We do so by facilitating the recruitment and retention of health professionals, promoting health careers, supporting rural training sites, fostering continuing professional education opportunities and promoting technology-driven initiatives.  KUMC AHEC services include continuing education programming for physician, nurses and allied health professionals; community education and health screenings; promotion of careers in the health care field; and development and implementation of clinical opportunities for students in the health professions' programs. AHEC is the largest provider of continuing medical education in Kansas.


Back in the Swing
Back in the Swing is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting joyful, healthy and proactive living through innovative fund-raising events, inspiring survivorship programs, and clinical research in an academic medical setting.  Founded in 2000, Back in the Swing focuses exclusively on the survivor -- the person -- in partnership with fun-loving, passionate supporters of breast cancer survivors across the country.  Unlike other organizations that focus on breast cancer -- the disease -- Back in the Swing champions the survivor and his or her unique zest for getting back in the swing of life!

For Healthcare Professionals

Cancer Survivorship Training (CST) provides continuing education and training tools to help healthcare professionals meet their professional needs and improve the lives of cancer patients.


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