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The goal of Cancer Survivorship Training (CST) is to help improve the lives and well-being of cancer survivors, but CST's approach is a little different.  CST is helping cancer survivors by educating and training the healthcare professionals that care for these individuals and their families.
There are many definitions of “survivorship.”  Survivorship care is often used in reference to post-treatment care.  However, waiting to deliver patient-centered education and intervention until post-treatment can often result in unwanted late and long-term effects of cancer and its treatment.  
The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS), defines “a cancer survivor as anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer - from the time of diagnosis and for the balance of his or her life."  CST shares this view. Therefore, CST solutions highlight the delivery of post-treatment survivorship care as well as the opportunity for education and prevention of late and long-term effects from the time of diagnosis.  This multi-disciplinary approach will empower the user with information to care for the needs of cancer survivors from the time of diagnosis and develop skills focusing on essential elements to the delivery of survivorship care including: adherence to long-term therapies, weight control, reproductive options, ongoing screening and surveillance, and cancer genetics, just to name a few.  Please see our full list of courses for more information.
We wish all survivors the best in their journey and are hopeful that CST’s education and training solutions will help improve their lives by providing continuing education to the healthcare providers who are responsible for their ongoing care.

For Healthcare Professionals

Cancer Survivorship Training (CST) provides continuing education and training tools to help healthcare professionals meet their professional needs and improve the lives of cancer patients.


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